wellness program

Is an innovative and intense rehabilitation program, offering a combination of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, exercise, and professionally facilitated support groups.


Our community and provide accurate information to people with Parkinson’s. Our lectures are given by top professionals in their field and are continuously published in our lecture series.

Support Groups

Our community
with professionally guided
support groups
for both,
people directly affected
by Parkinson's and
family members.


Whatch videos About
Tikvah for Parkinsonws activities
Help us fight Parkinson's simptoms
by different activities and support programs

Vision, Mission & Values


Tikvah for Parkinson will work together with the medical community, to integrate emotional support, patient education, and a full therapeutic wellness program into Parkinson treatment in Israel. 


Our mission is to provide the Parkinson community in greater Jerusalem with the physical and emotional support they need to lead a productive and healthy lifestyle, to provide education for the Parkinson community, and to raise awareness of their special needs among the general population and government bodies.

Core Values

Support, education, and advocacy.

Media about Parkinson

Watch our latest interviews with current members and read more about their individual experiences and how Tikvah has helped them battle Parknison’s disease.

We provide regular lectures by top professionals in their field to provide accurate information to people in the Parkinson community. 

Written about us in the news. Tikvah For Parkinson tries to help also in partnership whith other organizations.

Volunteer With Us

Become a part of the Tikvah for Parkinson community. With the support of volunteers like you, we can work together to fight Parkinson's disease every day.
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If you are able to share your time and skills, please fill out the form below or call us

latest articles

Another Tikvah Evening

Last night Tikvah held its third lecture to the public. Danny Loney, an incredible person challenged with Parkinson for over EIGHTEEN years talked about how

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Continue Fighting!

Reading an article like this one strengthens my resolve to KEEP FIGHTING; keep moving and exercising and doing everything possible to stay healthy and slow

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traveles and trials post


A few weeks ago I received an email from the EPDA (European Parkinson Disease Association) inviting me to a meeting in Brussels to start a

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