What we do


We educate the Parkinson community about the importance of an active lifestyle. Our Lecture Program and Ask the Neurologist Program provide accurate information to enable people with Parkinson to be proactive in dealing with their disease.


We run a comprehensive Wellness Program that enables people with Parkinson to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Tikvah for Parkinson Wellness Program provides physical rehabilitation through a comprehensive program of physical activities shown to slow the deterioration associated with Parkinson and equips its participants with the tools they need to live a healthy, active lifestyle.


We provide emotional support for families dealing with Parkinson. Our professionally facilitated weekly support groups help family members navigate the challenges of caring for a person with Parkinson.


We raise awareness of the needs of the Parkinson community among the general population through newspaper and magazine articles. 


We work to improve the lives of those affected by Parkinson by raising awareness about the special needs of those within our community and advocating on their behalf.  We have met with lawmakers in the national legislature of Israel and promote policies and regulations that would help individuals in the PD community of greater Jerusalem. By educating government body’s about Parkinson, and by partnering and collaborating with other organizations that have similar goals, we can make a difference.