Patient Impact

Meet Elliot and Elana

“There are so many things that we have learned from each activity that has improved his condition. There is no doubt about it.”

– Elana Marmon, Wife of a Parkinson Fighter

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Meet Yaffa

“There are so many opportunities for us to connect with one another and go out together. These are things that help us tremendously in our daily lives and in our ability to conduct physical activities. I truly enjoy the activities here and I feel that it personally helps me tremendously.”

– Yaffa, a Parkinson Fighter

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Tribute to all of our members fighting Parkinson

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Patient Stories

My husband, Yechiel, is currently in his mid seventies. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease six years ago. At first, he started slowing down and had difficulty with walking, balancing, and fine motor coordination. The symptoms progressively became worse and affected his ability to chew and talk audibly. He eventually lost awareness of his appearance. It was frustrating and heartbreaking witnessing his independence slowly being stripped away, and the inevitable feeling of social isolation that came with it. 


When Tikvah for Parkinson opened up its doors, we decided to join the program. Looking back on the past 13 months, I can honestly say that Tikvah has truly made a huge, positive impact on my husband’s life. He always looks forward to the upcoming activities in the program and rarely, if ever, misses a class. He especially enjoys participating in the boxing and exercise class with his instructor Avi. Overall, the sense of community created by all of the participants, and the social interactions that he has on a day to day basis, motivates him by giving him a sense of direction and purpose. Tikvah has been an enormous asset to both of us, as it helps him with his daily fight against Parkinson’s disease. 

– Wife of a Parkinson Fighter 

“A year and a half ago my husband and I were contemplating a dismal future. He was declining physically, cognitively and socially. He was falling. His speech was barely a whisper. I could no longer trust him to take our dog out or travel alone. He easily became confused. He was withdrawn socially and emotionally. He could not continue to live independently much longer. Then we found TIkvah for Parkinson. My husband emerged from his shell of loneliness and despair. He participates in boxing, speech therapy, occupational therapy, exercise, support, Tai Chi and more. He has friends. His speech is improving. His cognition is improving. He looks forward to the days again.” 

– Wife of a Parkinson Fighter 

“The patient was referred to Tikvah for Parkinson and began attending twice weekly. Since he started this program there has been a noticeable improvement in his condition including a significant reduction in his visits to the Emergency Room. His walking, balance and energy levels have improved noticeably. His speech is improving. His mood has also noticeably improved and he smiles and behaves in a positive manner.” 

– Dr. Raphael Bortz, Family Physician, Telshe Stone, Israel