About Us

Tikvah for Parkinson was established ​as a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the physical and emotional needs of the 10,000+ people living with Parkinson in greater Jerusalem. 


Our goal is to provide the Parkinson community in greater Jerusalem with physical and emotional support to help them lead a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as raise awareness of the special needs of the Parkinson community among the general population and government bodies. We accomplish this through our Wellness Center, workshops, support groups, lectures, newspaper articles and government advocacy. 

We make a strong effort to create a sense of community and inspire those with PD to fight their disease. Unfortunately, many people diagnosed with Parkinson conceal their diagnosis and isolate themselves in the process. Instead of fighting their disease with healthy habits, including physical activity, they become homebound and live a sedentary lifestyle. This lack of activity leads to a more rapid deterioration of motor function and ultimately death. We therefore encourage those with Parkinson to come out and join our community  and join the fight against Parkinson’s disease.