We need you

Hi, this is Debbie here. For a long time I’ve been working on an internet fundraising campaign. It’s now December 1, which means that the campaign has begun (clap, please!).


I think that you are all aware of the importance of our work, and how much we need funds to continue and expand. More and more people want to join us; I can’t turn them away, but at the same time, I can’t make the groups any bigger.


And the program itself is expensive. What we charge does NOT cover the cost of the program itself, let alone all the expenses surrounding the program, such as insurance, bookkeeping, traveling expenses, etc. And I do not turn away people because of financial difficulty (although I don’t make it easy for them) because I believe that our program is life-saving.


At present we have:

Rehab program:   28 hours weekly

                                50 participants

                                4 Days

                                2 locations

Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Swallowing Therapy, Boxing, Tai Chi, Gym, Dance, Choir, Ceramics, Nordic Walking, Support group


In addition, for families we have:

Support groups

Lecture series

Monthly Q&A with a Movement Disorder Specialist   


So I am asking you (PLEASE!) to

  1. Give a generous donation. Here’s the link, and if you have any problems, please contact me:




2. Send emails to your friends, telling them about the importance of what we are doing, and giving them a link to our donation page.  Every dollar is important for us. It will make a difference. And who knows, perhaps my dream of a real Tikvah for Parkinson Center in Jerusalem will become a reality.  


And THANK YOU for everything! Your support has really made a difference in my life!