Skiing my way through Jerusalem

I got myself Nordic walking poles. You know, the ski poles used for walking. Believe it or not, this staid, old fashioned grandmother actually uses them, and when I do, I don’t walk. I stride. Propelled by the pole, I no longer take tiny, baby steps, and it’s impossible not to stand up straight. But the crazy thing is that a ski my way through the streets of Jerusalem, I have this secret desire to put on a wool hat and yodel.

But I won’t. My grandchildren would be embarrassed.


 And now, for a little information about what’s happening at Tikvah. We are presently developing a program for family members, and are planning to expand our rehab program and make another informational evening (actually, we planned to have one each month, but without access to funding, we were not able to do that).

But basically, everything is on hold until we receive to receive our final government papers that make it possible to receive the funds promised to us and begin fundraising. So at the moment we’re laying down the foundations, getting organized, and waiting. Yes, it’s extremely frustrating. But since there’s nothing that I can do to expedite the process, or more accurately, the clerk in charge of our file, I have no choice but to work on my patience.

But boy oh boy – will I be happy when this is over and we can start working normally!