It’s growing so fast!

i just came back from the Monday Parkinson group. It was so inspiring. We have 11 women, all so different – from a Satmar rebbetzin to completely It’Israeli – yet there is such a feeling of achdus. Today, one of the women, older, and at times with dementia, told us about life in Muncatch before the war, and then started singing  a song that she composed in color war in camp – which was a classic and that all of the women knew. So of course we sang along with her! And then the new lady, who joined this week, shared that she is depressed and apathetic and that she hopes that in this group she’ll learn to become the person that she once was.


But the support is only a small part of it. There’s exercise, and working out on the machine, and voice therapy.

The men’s group started two weeks ago, and we already have two full groups, one for English speakers, and one for Hebrew speakers. Men who never left their home, are getting together exercising, getting speech therapy, working on their balance and getting the support of being with others facing the same challenge.

After Pesach, we are expanding both programs to twice a week, adding dance, Tai Chi, choir, boxing…. And eventually to three times per week.